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Live Twitter Space recorded on February 15th, 2022 with Zyori, Quinn, and team members from upticc. They talk through the marketing strategy for Axie Origin.

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0:00 Start
1:05 Jiho Pre show and introductions
6:40 Introductions to Quinn & the Upptic team
15:24 What is the plan with marketing Origin?
16:54 How do we help guilds work efficiently?
20:22 Future user acquisition
23:58 Setting the groundwork for a Web3 gaming & marketing
27:54 What is a user acquisition strategy?
31:10 Creator Program details
35:25 What will the ads look like?
41:22 How much is the typical cost per dollar per acquisition? / What is the target audience of the ads?
44:10 How to incorporate non-NFT gamers into the space?
54:02 How efficient will our marketing be? Community education?
1:00:46 Where are the creator program funds coming from?
1:03:20 Will marketing scale up & down if needed?
1:06:10 How inclusive will the creator program be initially?
1:09:18 Closing statements / Post show

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