#GemUni How to speed up the revived time?

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💥 Keep playing in GemUni with tools and combo tickets

You have sold out tickets but want to continue playing?

You want to buy more tickets but don't want to buy them individually?

💪 Explore 2 new features that guarantee to help you play games longer

⭐️ Tools:
- Revive Life: gives players another life to keep playing games with their current ticket and activated after three minutes from the time the player loses.
- X2 score: double users’ scores after they activate the Revive Life tool and only be used once for each revived life.
- Speed up: speed up the revived time (three minutes) of each revived life

⭐️ Combo tickets:
Those purchased tickets will only be valid within the day and expire the next day.
- Combo Tiny: 3 tickets/day
- Combo Small: 5 tickets/day
- Combo Jumbo: 10 tickets/day

These combos can be purchased with GENIX or EXP reward

No need to be afraid of running out of tickets, no need to be afraid of time limits, play more, earn more at GemUni 🤑

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