#GemUni Day 3 Challenge: Be The Best Score and Win in #Battle Royale to earn up to 3,750 #GENIX💥

GemUni Official

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Hello Genians,

Win 100 other users to get the highest score in Tank Games.

📅 Date: Feb 24th,
🎮 Play Mode: GENIX Earning - Battle Royale ( must be 100 tickets to earn - one player can use multiple tickets)

💥 Be a Real Tank Commander of today:
Games List:
- Tank Defender
- Destroy Only Tanks 2
- Shark Attack
- Mad Shark
- Tank Shooter

💰 Rewards: Only one winner who has the highest score will earn rewards

🔥 Win your Top: https://gaming.gemuni.io/gaming/casual

👉Check it out if you want to know details:

👉Join our Discord for the best support: https://discord.gg/PnX6qgFvMW

#GemUni #casualgames #PlaytoEarn
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