Axie Dev Chat #3 - RON

Axie Infinity

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The third Axie Developer Chat focuses on the release of the RON token, the future of the Ronin network, short term economy changes, and crypto bear markets.

Ron Release:
Ron Litepaper:

Originally streamed live on

Host by Jiho, Psycheout, & Zyori

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0:00 Intro
1:37 What is Ronin & it’s importance?
5:50 Proof of authority vs proof of stake
9:22 Reward structure in the future?
13:25 Single token staking
15:02 Becoming a validator
17:00 Why did we launch RON as a gas fee?
20:05 Is Ron burned after use?
22:09 Scholars completing transactions
23:46 Economy discussion
32:32 External crypto market effect
33:54 Short terms options for economy
36:08 Are we gonna make it until Origin?
42:25 Crypto bear markets & the crypto journey
46:54 Community & mental health
52:28 Outro
55:11 Leaks?!

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